Message from the CEO

Message from the CEO

Photo of CEO Fumihiko Yamamoto

Dear stockholders and investors,

We have been striving to help develop Japan's economy as a better partner for SMEs. To further clarify this stance and drive ESG-based sustainability management, we changed our management philosophy in September 2021, to "Continuing to deliver passion and satisfaction to all."

To meet diversifying and ever more complex customer needs as the telecommunication market rapidly develops, we have been nurturing trusted relationships with customers through identifying potential needs, especially those of SMEs and sole proprietors, and solving their problems.

We are currently combining our service and collaborative fiber-optic Internet model Office Hikari 119, as well as Office Denki 119 and environmental products. This will enable us to better support SMEs and sole proprietors by freeing them from miscellaneous work in and around the office and help them to focus their limited management resources on their main line of work, which will also improve their corporate value.

The growth of SMEs and sole proprietors is integral to revitalizing Japan's economy.
As a solutions company with a collaborative fiber-optic Internet service at the core, we strive to help to build a better, more sustainable society by offering unique, diverse, and value-added services as a one-stop-shop and optimal partner for SMEs and sole proprietors.

We will endeavor to continuously to improve our corporate value to meet the expectations of all our stakeholders, and look forward to your ongoing support.

Fumihiko Yamamoto